New Quest System Feedback

Kate 2

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Just a suggestion: not all of the steps in some the quest lines have rewards, although every building level does. This may be intentional, just as stepping stone to the main quest line. But one reward for visiting the premium market exchange might be 10pp. That would encourage new players to attempt to use the market.

Also, It’s good that it starts simply with only open quest lines, but once a quest line is finished, it could be removed from the menu, or get a coloured border to show it is finished.


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Need a different way to access the quest screen. Right now I can't get to it at all, click on it and get a message saying "Request Failed. You may have lost internet connectivity >>the server is experiencing difficulties" Sure making it hard to level up, can't collect quest rewards.


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Kinda late to the party. Also just started.

First of all: If you collect all your rewards early on, you will miss out on some of them, because your warehouse capacity is too small. I doubt that´s intentional. What this means should be adequatelay explained to beginners.


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Tribe Quest
this quest became invisible because everything was mixed up in a pile!
I only now saw that it is, after I was told by a fellow tribeswoman, who automatically ended it

can be done as in rewards? so that players can see which quests have not yet been completed and in which section?
I'm tired of looking at the menu every time and seeing where and what hasn't been done yet. As a result, you already start to ignore the quest button and skip the important things! for example as a tribe quest!

Queen LaTina

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Thank you, this problem has been solved, now everything is optimal.

I have a question or suggestion for adding a quest
As you know, the sandbox has a 3-level research system. New players don't know exactly what it is. And many players do not know. You will have to write a line of quests for worlds with a 3-level research system.

I think that the developers themselves do not know it well). But at least the general principles should be explained to the players. And so, without knowing anything about the 3-level research system, they will only lose troops, and veterans will take advantage.


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Game speed3
Units speed1
Ability to demolish buildingsActive
MoraleActive (time-based)
Fake limitInactive
Research SystemSimplified research
Growing barbarian villagesActive up to 3000 points
Bonus villagesBonus villages enabled
Time frame for cancelling attacks10 minutes
Time frame for cancelling transports5 minutes
Night bonusActive from 1:00 until 8:00
Protection for beginners5 days
Max attack ratio (attacker:defender)20:1 for the first 60 days
HaulsActive, with scavenging
Scout systemThe scout can report troops, buildings, resources and foreign units
PaladinActive, skills can be learned.
Purchased usingGold coins
Max nobleman travel distance100 fields
Loyalty decrease per nobleman attack50
Loyalty increase per hour3
Tribe limit5
Ability to attack tribe membersAttacks vs tribe members do not turn into visits and thus deal damage
Tribe levelsActive
Account sittingActive
Account sitting restrictionsRestricted sitter access after an account has been sat 30 days within the last 60 days.
Free tradingActive, time restriction based on the player who started first
Support outside tribeSupporting villages outside player's tribe is not possible. Tribe membership is checked both when support is sent and on arrival. Support is withdrawn on tribe change.
Ability to select starting directionInactive
Victory requirementsAfter 100 days, one tribe must hold at least 60% of the player villages for 5 days

Can you open the new stadard world with this settings?