New Paladin skill system not doing anything for HC?

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  1. So basically the new system is a big nerf to Heavy Cavalry as an offense unit (and defense). It contains no skill that boost HC's effectiveness. One of things I like to do is build my nuke like this: 8000 axe + 1600 HC, it works well enough as a offense and has the flexibility of defense. But now it's completely outclass by the axe + LC combo in offense.

    I feel the offense tree should be changed to 1. all infantry 2. all cavalry instead of specifiying axe + LC, otherwise it really tunnels the nuke into axe + LC, and nothing else.

    Likewise, the defense tree should be. 1. all infantry 2.all cavalry as well.
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    Hope this idea has merit! It seems to have some structure to it.
  3. In addition, in my experience, this new paladin system is greatly unfair to newer/casual players in start of the world situation. Because veteran players will grow faster, so in addition to their growth advantage from experience, the paladin also gain more experience due to the faster growth. So their paladin will often already have +30% LC/Axe, while the slower player have nearly nothing in terms of defense bonus.

    Also the new paladin skill system greatly favor offense, because there's bonus for LC+Axe, but only half bonus for Spear+HC as I mentioned previously, Full bonus only for Spear+Sword. But LC+Axe are built from 2 buildings, while Spear+Sword are built from one building, so defense is greatly weakened as most players build Spear+HC as defense.

    The simple solution is again have the offense/defense bonus apply to ALL infantry at skill level 1, and apply to ALL cavalry at the next tier. Also first paladin's growth rate at lower level should be accelerated, so that slower player's first paladin can have similar skills
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    +1 on this idea
    add archers to lvl 1 and mounted archers to lvl 2
    coz like HC arhers have become useless