Passed On: names of reports (awards/noble planner)


the names of the reports for award and especially for noble planner reports are very short and doesnt help a lot
when you get 5 reports which are all called "noble claim expired" or something like that, you cant distinguish them without opening them all
and there is much free space because the report names are very short until now

so for the reports of awards the level could be added:
"award recieved: the warlord"
could get
"award recieved: the warlord level 2"

but most of all for the noble planner:
"noble claim expired" and "noble claim deleted" and "noble claim fullfilled"
could get
"noble claim for london (111|111) expired" and so on
so there always the village name and coorinates should be added for a better overview

and also look at this idea which is similar and which i also like:

thanks and good night xD