Implemented: More village lists on rally point


honestly if instead of haveing village name or player name

we had 2 new options (this is my opinion and proposal)
we would have the following options
CLAIMED VILLAGES: will show a list of villages that has been claimed by the player (that way you dont have to search for the coords or find them on the map separately)

and 2nd one
(this requires an update to the map as well)
MARKED VILLAGES: an option gets added to the map where you can mark villages just as you claim them but this is more temporary its not limited by your self anymore, multiple ppl from your tribe or allys can mark the same village and you can have it show up on the rally point so you can send fakes and scouts and nukes easier


Staemme in my heart <3
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DS-9735 && DS-9736

Passed on: show claimed villages and assigned villages from the attack planner