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Transcription of message:
Message title: action - preparations
Message #1: How many nobles do you have?
*me trying to reply with '0'*
Getting error "Text cannot be empty"


I've reported this bug on my market like half year ago and it still occurs...

As developer:
Other digits like 1,2, 3 are sent, so I assume awesome comparision system in php
What it's so hard to use method like String.IsNullOrWhitespace instead of naive if (!msg) { throw ....}
Also if you are having trouble fixing this I've googled solution how to solve this in php, no need to say thanks:

Repro steps:
1. Open message thread:
2. Send 1
3. Expected result: Reply is sent and contains 1
4. Send 0
5. Expected result: Reply is sent and contains 0

5th step does not work as I assumed it should work. Why 0 is less priviliged to be sent?