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Discussion in 'Old Ideas' started by Vikked, May 14, 2010.

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    This is not a big problem, just something that would make life easier for some people and maybe also make using the market a bit easier... But anyway, I guess it would be an easy thing to do so I want to address the issue anyway ;)

    As this world's speed is x3, I noticed a problem resulted by the high speed: the time limits in the market are same as in speed 1 servers for example. This makes hiding resources in the market harder as most of the players are within an hour (minimum limit) from my village and thus might just accept some offer I really don't want someone to accept, even though it would be at a 2:1 ratio... So in my opinion the time limits should be set considering the world speed, thus making the minimum limit 1/3 of an hour instead of that 1 hour which is now used. Same could be done to the maximum limit... I know that this just makes hiding resources more interesting and I'm not against the idea of people being able to accept offers you put there to hide your res, but I think the probability for someone accepting it should be equal to servers with other speed settings... This would also be helpful in other faster servers, like 2x speed servers...

    However, this would require some other changes made to the limit system since putting in decimals would cause problems, mostly because people don't even think about it first. So maybe something like the time limiter in Grepolis would fix the decimal problem. Anyway, if this will be implemented, I guess the game developers will find a good way to solve the problem :)
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    Mar 26, 2010
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    Set an unfair ratio, such as 1000 for 2000, and there won't be much chance anyone will take your resources during that time.
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    I do set an unfair ratio but especially in the beginning of the round (when hiding res is most important) people are willing to accept offers with unfair ratios. But as said, this problem is not that big and the reason I consider it to be a problem is not so much because of failing to hide res, since it's only needed in the beginning, but rather since it makes the world speeds conflict with these limits.