Not a bug: Mark attacks

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Probably on the server no one is fighting because no one writes on this forum about a completely wild issue made by developers in respect of players that we are facing for the third time (for mass attack)!

In the marking of incoming attacks, you copy them and paste in email or on the forum, the following occurs
to see the normal list of attacks you have to edit the text manually to remove your Appendix about the tower!! - - Attack (will be detected by a Watchtower)
But if the village is 10-15 attacks??
but if these attacks 1000 on the account?
I can imagine if this "innovation" comes to the regular worlds on other servers, players will be howling!
Bring back the old markings, or fix what you did
Play became impossible


Staemme in my heart <3
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The feature isn't ready yet and might be updated to the latest version today.
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