Awaiting feedback: map graphics issues


1. What happened? What did you expect to happen?

i went to my map and removed some highlighted tribes, i expected the map to update but it hasnt, also it isnt showing barbs, my minimap shows barbs but my main doesnt.

my main map has updated and removed the colours but my mini map hasnt

2. Give a detailed, step-by-step description. How can we reproduce it?
go to the mini map, where you can see barbs, look on main map, the barb isnt there
highlight a tribe and then remove highlited tribe, compare maps.

this happens everytime since 9am this morning when i logged in
i am currently using opera 12.16 on a laptop
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hope this is how to report correctly.

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Could you please use the latest version of Opera and try to reporduce this issue? Opera 12.16 is not supported from our side since a few version as it is outdated. Thanks.