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    Hey... new ideea... I know... I have alot of ideeas... but if they are implemented is a good thing.

    So... today ideea is a reset button on loot assistant.

    What I mean...

    If you uncheck all boxes from loot assistance you can send only one attack to all reportst that you hold from loot assistance (and you don't delete). Right? Ok... now... let think like I farm every village from the map... and still have troops to send on farm... when there is no village to farm... put there a button to reset and implement all the villages back to the loot... and to be able to send new attacks again.

    is like you finish the list and start over. If not reset... a start over button... somthing to be alble to send all troops away because sometimes you still have troops to send. you need to modify A or B to finish all troops but i need sometimes to send some attacks right after...

    this is what is look after you send all attacks

    let say that i farm fisrt with B... and next I wil farm with A... because from time that you send B and next you send A time passes and if a attack arrive after 5 min after still loot something...

    Or... just farm with 5 low cav till you finish all troops 5x all villages...

    send 1 time to all village 5 low cav
    send another time to all village 5 low cav
    send another time to all village 5 low cav
    send another time to all village 5 low cav

    and so on...

    between time of first... second... third... fourth... is building up resources in barbarian village and more loot for the players...

    reports are still remaining... you can make the reset / start over button...
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