Incorrect village information on the map

Major John Sheppard

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World: zz1 ( standard à
Platform: Browser/IOS/Android + version: Google Chrome / Versie 87.0.4280.66 (Officiële build) (64-bits)
Operating System: ? Windows 10 H2
Screen resolution: ? Full HD ( 1920 x 1080 )
Account name: ? Major John Sheppard

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Current situation:
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When you go over a village (that's owned by a player) you don't get the correct information.
It says it's abandoned , and the payers name and tribe is not showed.
By tribe members , even the color of the village is not correct also.

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Screenshots of the bug:
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Example of the error : Greenshot beeldbewerker (
Example of tribe member : 54.45.59 (459|545) - Tribal Wars - Standard - Google Chrome (


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That's a known issue and will be resolved in the next update.

Thanks for the report :)