Incorrect resource total reporting


There is an error in the accounting of resources when a noble is put into training. After the request is processed, the resources go to a negative value from 400,000 ( 339|293 )
Other problems with resource totals in Production Overview that show resources at 150 yet going into village overview, the counts show maxed out. ( 317|317 351|288 313|308 )

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I'd like to add a little more information on what I noticed on this bug. This bug is a lot bigger than just not seeing the right amount of resources in the overview.

First, Noble Education is costing much more than it should:
I have educated nobles in three villages at about 15:45 server time 25/06/2016. Each village had about 140,000 timber, 110,000 clay, 180,000 iron. After clicking 'educate noble' in the academy, each village had about 24,000 timber, -26,000 clay, 50,000 iron. The expected result would be each village would have about 100,000 timber, 60,000 clay, and 130,000 iron.

To reproduce the bug, all one would have to do is go to the academy and click 'educate noble'.

It seems to be happening every time (3 out of 3).

I am using Firefox as my browser.
Second, Resource Sending sometimes costs much more than it should.
If I can get the resource sending to tell me I do not have enough resources and then if I send a lesser amount, the amount in the village falls by a lot more than what was sent. However, it sometimes does not give the error, but still takes more resources than what was sent.

Example: village 526|766 - had 137,000 timber, 111,000 clay, 125,000 iron. using the map, chose a village to send resources to, clicked on the default of 110,000 clay to send and was given the insufficient resources error. Typed in 1,000 clay to send, it was sent and the village had 52,000 timber, 25,000 clay, 40,000 iron remaining.

This error seems to occur more often if the amounts in the sending village are lower (near 100,000 of any resource being sent).

I'll keep looking for the ultimate trigger so that I can see when it happens 100% of the time.

It appears to occur 100% of the time if at least one of the resources in the village are under 120,000 (any resource). It does not occur if all of the resources are above 250,000 before sending.
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@Corrin - Do you have any items active in those villages? That one increasing recruitment speed and decreasing the resource production (that seems to cause the issues in the market)?


@f09815 - I have no items active in those villages (not even any flags). I do not even have the account manager doing anything in those villages ( I stopped using the account manager's ability to even out the resources once I noticed the issue over a week ago, thinking it may have something to do with this). The only thing those villages have going is premium.


After more moving resources, I found it will short the resources if there are a lot of resources as well. In a village with 400,000 timber 360,000 clay, 400,000 iron, an attempt to send 40,000 timber, 40,000 clay, and 30,000 iron was met with the insufficient resources error. When I sent a much smaller amount, it resulted in a lot more being removed from the village than was sent, again.

I will keep on trying to find the trigger.


That summed it up in a nutshell. No items active, weird accounting when educating nobles and occasionally when building (no consistent trigger)


I have not been able to trigger this error in the last couple days. It may be fixed. Nobles are costing the appropriate amount, resources are being sent correctly.