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i know my last suggestion wasn't the greatest but what about a feature that lets you pick what type of resource you want to collect the most off in a haul from an attack (eg. farming) that way you can better use faring to your advantage


Just as bad as the other tbh, If theres loads of iron in a village, your troops will collect more iron than wood or clay.

Any resources you have too much of, you can use the market to trade for the resource you need. Therefore your resources will be balanced.


yes i realise this but if this feature was in play it would save u having to organise trades etc. and wait for ur merchants as well


As I understand it (I'm guessing here) any troops with a carrying capacity that survive take an equal percentage of whatever is there.

E.g: If the is 900wood, 250clay, 1500iron, and your troops have enough carrying capacity then they will take say 24% of each...
Therefore you will end up with big amounts of what was in excess in your farm.