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cel micut

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Try this...

Go to... groups -> dynamic groups -> select standard "full offense" ant then press anything like "combined", "production", "transport"... etc

It shoud take you to what you selected not a view of the dynamic group.

To "escape" you will have to press "all" first and then to take you to the "combined", "production", "transport"... etc... you know... where you need.

What I'm saying is that once you press dynamic groups (I belive that any dynamic groups) the premium bar acting like a subfolder of the dynamic groups (and the dynamic group it should act like a subfolder of the premium bar... not the other way around)

Hope you understand


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I am not sure if I understood it correctly.

Tried to reproduce it in your account like that:
  1. Going to "Groups" -> "Dynamic Groups"
  2. Selected the dynamic group "Nobleman"
  3. Clicked "Production" in the overview menu
  4. Result: The villages of the previously selected dynamic group "Nobleman" are displayed
So this would be the correct behavior.

cel micut

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You don't get it...

Try with incoming attacks... then select production... where it send you?

And yes... you don't have any attacks...

cel micut

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What I say...

you are in a village... and the group doesn't exist... "incoming attacks"... image stook because doesn't know where to put you... in a group.

when you hit production... because there is no incoming attack the image freeze but if you look you are in a village that is in a group (different group then "incoming attacks").

Because that group is not dinamic...when you hit production, commands... etc... it takeing you where you need but when you are in a dynamic group... and have no "end"... it's forcing you to have another click to "all" to be tooked out of that image.

What I'm saying is that if you are in a village (when you hit vilage name with coordonate it takes you to that village) and the dynamic group exist (but doesn't really) when you hit production it should take you to the group where that village is...

Do I need a print screen to show what I mean?

1. When you change the groups there should be a half circle sign thing... because what village you are... is not in that dynamic "incoming attack"
2. when you press "production" you should be tooked back where that village is... and enter the production view of that village real group.

Or... bouth...

Or is there any guy that have more then 147 IQ to talk the same... or to get understanded?
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