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Dear players,

Soon, we will be introducing better Tribe Overviews to the game. As this will be tested on Beta first, we are very interested in hearing your feedback. The changes should bring a better overview of what is happening within your tribe quickly.

Like so, the events will be able to be filtered in different categories
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The members tab, will contain different tabs for :
  • Summary
  • Troops (only visible for baron/dukes)
  • Buildings (only visible for baron/dukes)
  • Defense (only visible for baron/dukes)
  • Groups (only own group is visible)
The Tribe Groups will allow you to organize your tribe into different tribal groups, which can be used in planning your operations! Each member will now also have tiny upward or downward arrows next to his number of points. These show the percentual growth of a player per day.
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As a member, you will have more access to what the tribe can see of your account. These options will include:
  • Share troops associated to your villages with the tribe aristocracy
  • Share building levels of your villages with the tribe aristocracy
  • Share your and tribe members supporting units with the tribe aristocracy
  • Share incoming attacks with your tribe
  • Share returning and incoming support commands with your tribe aristocracy
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If the member has shared certain information, the tribal aristocracy will be able to view this information in an overview (first image). In order to avoid spy attempts, a normal member, will however only see the total number of attacks (second image).
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Please let us know what you think in the feedback topic!
Let us know


Welcome. Maybe I'm hopelessly outdated as a tribal War player, but I'm not happy with these innovations, as I wrote before. Of the innovations you have listed, I can only share my opinion about the review that is already available for evaluation: - Division into groups?
Why? Why was it necessary to overload the overview page, the capture of the villages? if they are duplicated on the welcome page, and even in multiple versions???
Why duplicate in such quantity??? remove either there or there.
about the graphics - the extra pictures also irritate the eyes - why is that? green pictures will be or red, they interfere, I remove them with an ad blocker, as they are annoying as well as the eye in the review in the main menu. Maybe morons need a traffic light in the review, and I do not - it is clear that you can select a group now, Yes, it is convenient. Why then need a welcome page?
In General, this innovation is a C grade with a minus, if you evaluate the efforts of developers to earn their bread and butter:)
Remove the pictures and will be tolerated.


And yet now look at these groups and I actively don't like. What is an event? This is something important and happening at the moment. Important events can not be divided into groups - they must be in front of your eyes. I think it's an unfortunate development. It is a pity that the developers themselves do not play the game, but only come up with all sorts of nonsense, unnecessary players.


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Good new features, at least so I think and many who I was interested in. Me not seems that on this forum there is sense their to discuss, so as commenting on can incomprehensible noobs. It is better to entrust the administration of discussion forums on different servers, so they collected information from active players, and gave the best feedback.


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Thanks for the feedback guys. This will be announced on the live markets in the upcoming days, where we will also ask for your feedback before introducing it to the game!