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Dear players,

As of a few days, a new feature has been activated on beta. We want to ask you to test this feature thoroughly and provide feedback in this topic, so we can optimize it before bringing it to the live game markets!

General Information
The new feature optimizes the usage of the simulator in the game. A brief summary:
In the simulator:
  • If you select Fill from > This village
    • The currently active flag will be selected
    • All active effects, supported by the simulator, active on that village will be automatically inserted in the simulator
    • If the village is a Rune Village, and This village was selected at the defender's side, the "-50% defense effectiveness" tick box will be selected
  • Templates have been added to the simulator
    • You can create a template by clicking Create
    • Setting a template will remove already defined effects on the simulator
    • If a template is selected and you later select This village, the effect of the template will be merged with the current effects of the village.
Thank you for your help in testing this new feature! Make sure to let us know your feedback below this post.

Bugs can be reported here.

Thank you!

Your Beta & Development Teams