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Hello TW players,

Below a few of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) have been asked and answered. Please note that these are the FAQ specifically for this Beta version - FAQ for the game in general can be found on the .net version wiki.

  • When will the world end/reset?
    We will reset the world from time to time, depending on our test schedule.
  • What timezone is Beta?
    Beta is on CEST.
  • Is it possible to apply for being a moderator?
    We all understand you want to help out, but we have enough staff members for now, and probably for ever since this server will max out at 15,000 players. Hiring people specifically for this server doesn't really seem necessary, still we will make a section for that purpose if we needed one :)
  • Something weird is happening ingame!
    As you all know, this is a beta server meant for testing new versions of tribalwars. So it is ordinary to see many errors as it is only the beginning of the server. Please bear with the errors, and check out the Bugtracker Forum for any threads that mention the error you are experiencing. If you can't find one - make a new thread.
  • Why are some things (everything) ingame in a foreign language?
    This beta server is running the newest version of Tribalwars. The versions it runs are sometimes so new that it hasn't been translated yet, please bear with it - it will be translated as soon as possible.
  • Screenshot, what?
  • Is it possible to transfer premium points from your home market to Beta or vice versa?
    This is not possible. Only rewards can be transfered to the market and account of your choice.
  • What does the "Only-English-rule" mean?
    All public communication must be in English language. This includes the public forum and also the ticket system. You can communicate with your friends in ingame messages, but the tribe forum must be in English.
  • The Beta-Server is not listed in my iOS-App
    Unfortunately we are not allowed to offer the iOS-App for a Beta-Server.
  • How to get to the Android App?
    [SPOIL]You have to change the market in the Android app.

    On the login screen click on the market selector:

    Scroll down the list to the end and select the public Beta:
  • No free premium points on registration
    Some players are given free premium points after they registered. These free points are given randomly and not every player will receive it.
  • Free premium account
    Each player that is registered on the first of a month will receive a 14-days free Premium Account on World 1 for this round
  • Userscripts
    Please consider that all userscripts are forbidden!

We will try to add more common questions in this thread later.

We sincerely thank you for testing this server :)

Your Beta-Team
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