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    Dear players,

    10 years ago InnoGames was founded (also see our company history). And Tribal Wars was the game that started it all!

    To celebrate this occasion we are launching a very special world on our international version.

    The world will feature settings similar to how Tribal Wars was played many years ago, but featuring most of the modern interface and usability improvements you know and love!

    As an example, the most striking differences are:
    • Higher speed
    • No paladin
    • No church
    • No watchtower
    • No archers
    • No militia
    • No morale
    • No flags
    • Packages, instead of coins system
    • No miliseconds
    • No fake limit
    The world opens on the 3rd of July on our international market. It will run until the 31st of July. The three highest ranking players on that day will get 3000 premium points each, which will be granted on a market of their choosing.

    The pre-registration opens on the 28th of June and the world configuration can be found here:

    To join the world, simply join the world labeled as "Classic" (For our more advanced players: the world ID is enc1)

    Please keep in mind that this is an English speaking market and any support will be handled in English only. But we also understand that many players that might not be too proficient in English will want to join. We will of course do our best to support everybody as best as possible.

    We wish you all a lot of fun with our classic Tribal Wars world!

    Your Tribal Wars Beta team