Investigating: Calling troops from place


World: pl145
Platform: Firefox 70.0.1 (64 bits)
Operating System: Windows 10 Education N
Screen resolution: 1920x1080
Account name: ?

Reproducibility: 5

Current situation:

Expected situation:
- Guess that troops from column should be selected based on value of checkbox

Reproduction Steps
As in video


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Thanks! I've forwarded it to our developers. Please submit the accountname, market you desire your PP on.



Hello again!

I see that main issue has been fixed.

I am feeling kinda confused...
1. I am selecting some villages ~10
2. Than I am selecting troops type by clicking checkboxes in column headers and selected values do not update accordingly to checkboxes.
3. If I deselect row and select row again than proper troops types are selected.

Is it by design?
If so, I think it's crappy design. After I've selected some villages and then decided I want also spies to be sent I have to manually deselect and select many rows. BTW the same combination of selected rows and columns results in two different troops selections in that case.