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cel micut

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When an account is making 1 year, 2 years, 3 years... n years since the player register his account to get 1-2-3...n days (proportion to his time loyality on that server... 1 year = 1 day... 2 years = 2 days... n years = n days) full premium account (premium + account manager) for free. This way the player is gratify for being loyal to the game. This coud be a good marketing in long run...

Players will get a automatic message that they recive full premium for his loyalty and time spend on the game itself... it is not much but will recive something from the game and it could motivate to buy full premium account (premium + account manager in the future... realising how easy it is when you have 10000 villages).

It is once a year thing and it is direct proportion to players account start point. 3 years = 3 days / 365 days game will not lose alot of money... it could product more in long term

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