A new Beta World - Beta 3


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Dear players,

We are happy to announce that our market, Tribal Wars Beta, will be launching a third Beta world upcoming Monday, October 26th. This newest world will be dedicated to our newest improvement to the game - A brand new Quest System.

We believe that new players should be taught the game better and in a more dynamic, fun and rewarding way. For this reason, our developers have been actively working on a new quest system over the past few months. Now, the time has come to start actively testing this new system.

Beta 3 will start on Monday 26th of October, around 11 AM. It will have basic settings, most notably:

Speed: 1.25
Unit Speed: 0.8
Watchtower: Enabled
Church: Disabled
Paladin: Active with Skills
Archers: Inactive
Tech: Simple
Watchtower: Active
Fake limit: Inactive
Tribelimit: 15

Nightmode: Dynamic, player-based

Pre-registrations have already started. Register here: