40 spears Quest -> Free Farm Assistent Item to Inventory instead of instant Auto Activation

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    By the time you've recruited your first 40 spears on day 1 or 2, there's really no use for Farm Assistent, yet the free FA activates instantly when you get the free resources. If you save the free FA and thus the completion of the quest for later, you can't procede with the Quest tree and miss out on indespensible resource boosts from subsequent quests.

    To a someone who hasn't used FA before, FA even seems overly complicated and uneccessary on day 2 and he may never try and use it again (as a lot of players don't check out every single available feature)
    If you want players to pay for features it's best to offer them when they're usefull :)

    So instead of Automatic Activation of Free Farm Assistent when you complete the 40 spears quest, instead give players a FA Inventory Item that can be activated at will by the time it's needed.
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