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Dear TW Team ,

I am writing to inform you about some problems we are faced with, regarding rule #15 (150 ms trains) of TW. I am also trying to offer some suggestions in order to overcome those difficulties if possible.

Firstly, I would like to make clear that I have absolutely no problem with rule 15 itself but with the way this rule is applied in combination with the game’s software.

To be more specific, let’s say that my tribe co-ordinates an attack from 100 villages so that each attack lands at about the same second. As a member myself I’ve just sent my nukes and I’m getting ready to send one of my trains, from a defensive village, which will land right after the attacks. So far so good….but what if my train happens to be illegal (under 150ms)? In such a case I’ll have to cancel the attack and as a result my train will probably land 30secs – 1 minute later. Therefore, any player even with a mediocre knowledge of the game will be able to defend successfully.

Alright I’m aware that trains under 150ms are not allowed but why doesn’t the game engine stop me from achieving something like that? Why can’t the game just “automatically modify” all those illegal attacks and turn them into legal ones of 150ms?

I do not use any kind of software or programs. I just use the latest version of Opera and I am forced to cancel one out of three trains I send. Just imagine the impact of that on large scale operations when you have to use multiple villages and trains. Every time you cancel, you give an advantage to your enemies.

As a final note, I would like to ask you to make this game easier for us and not more difficult. And if there is a way to change all those fast attacks automatically, you should put it into practice, in my humble opinion.

As you have the available tools to track down the illegal software responsible for fast attacks, the use of such automation, as suggested above, would be very beneficial to the TW community.

Regards ,
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LOL! Just a few hours ago!

Check it out!

Morthy said:
However, if there are no issues during the update to version 6.1, from 18:00 onwards the game servers will guarantee a minimum of 50ms between every attack sent.

This means the minimum time for a 5 noble train will be 200ms.

Future worlds will likely guarantee a 100ms gap between attacks. Future high performance rounds will likely not enforce any gap.
Note that these will be the settings for


Great minds think alike (y) Morthy !
We have been thinking about that for a quite long time now
It took me sometime to right it down and then I see it written down as a new feature in 6.1

That's a great ingame change


This change may even make it easier to send them trains thighter when your not able to break the rules... Excited to see if it is though...

The Lewder

This change may even make it easier to send them trains thighter when your not able to break the rules... Excited to see if it is though...
^ this.

You can now send trains as quick as possible and have no need to check their legality. :)


Yes i really hope so, and that they won't put up an stricter error code...


You can send 100ms trains on the new .net world, and it'll be a changing setting in different worlds.


I use Opera, and I'm not abel to send trains under 500ms, how can anyone be abel to send trains under 150ms without cheating?