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  1. Not a bug: email notification of attacks

    these are notifications coming to the mail through the Account Manager. If the developers have taken it up to pick, then at least let them not spoil it!
  2. beta 1 after 8 days

    This is undesirable, so you have an outflow of players and all undesirable and unpopular actions will lead to even stronger rejection. In particular, the situation with Power Ranger - most likely, there is a competent fraud with the premium exchange by players of the HS* and Wolfs tribe. On the...
  3. World without PP?

    Don't be picky there! and let's already ask for this world to be opened at all :cool:
  4. World without PP?

    If you do what you suggest, the beta server will close even faster than the masters server. We also asked for normal settings for the classic world, to which we were answered = do you want? go play on regular servers And since the opening of the classic world on this server is delayed for...
  5. New event Feedback Camp Crashing Catapults

    A normal, very simple and not a long event. Most community players will like it. Players will be happy to invest premium points in it.
  6. new rounds

    the church is not a problem, it's interesting to play with the church on the contrary :) It's fun to watch how the noob's troops are dying at +50 churching. And with bows too, it's a very powerful defensive unit. Watchtower is also fun to play Limiting fake attacks. Farm restriction The speed of...
  7. new rounds

    JawJaw, I understand that you are reading all this, what do you want? is it really that hard for you to answer? easier to ignore? and it's even better to incite the incompetent admin Brian against the players, who understands absolutely nothing and does not know about the game. Why are the...
  8. new rounds

    How many players were on the server before? and how many players wrote on the forum?! and now??!! Yes, we go here to see the news - what will surprise us in the next versions are not smart developers and event writers! for example, the latest innovation!
  9. new rounds

    and you think with your head before agreeing with stupid statements!
  10. new rounds

    And how many testers have you seen lately?? There will be even fewer of them! if the worlds are not interesting to the players, and the administration does not begin to treat test players primarily as their employers and not as a herd that can be ignored
  11. new rounds

    So what? dear admins. Have all the players from the server been scared away? are you satisfied? no one wants to play like this, no one wants to write to the forum, is that okay with you? a couple more rounds with such stupid settings and no one will play on this server at all. Will you test your...
  12. Bots and Scripts

    Event Master Thank you very much! :)
  13. Here Be Dragons

    Make the following event based on Russian folk tales:)
  14. Here Be Dragons

  15. Here Be Dragons isn't it too much?? under such conditions, the store simply does not work! Event Master It seems to me, my friend, that no one here can hear us administrators deeply do not care about the game and the players