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  1. can't access flag screen

    works again for me
  2. can't access research screen, can't send mass support

    same here with opera, chrome and android App
  3. Daily Bonus not available

    World :zz3: Platform: Browser Opera and Google Chrome, latest version Screen: Account: Leolaslo Reproducibility ?/5 /5 Current situation: No window can be opened, despite daily login Yoy can open the point "daily login" but it is not possible to get rewards. Expected...
  4. Event-shop not available

    world : zz3 Platform: Browser Opera 74.0.3911.203 /+Android Version 3.03.7 Windows 10 /Android 6 Screen resolution: Account: Leolaslo Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: - Eventshop is not available, although it was not supposed to close until tomorrow. If you use the Event-Button in...