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  1. Not a bug: Instant Paladin Revive

    yes that is the case
  2. Not a bug: Premium Exchange

    It depends on how much res is there as rates fluctuate if you put in 64 and rate is 75 for that item it will automatically offer you 75 as the best deal for 1pp
  3. Reset of Beta 2

    please state start time as server time not GMT as it gets confusing ...& use countdown clock on start page not just on registration page as has been this time
  4. Not in code / server issue: Building queue does not finish

    World: ? zz1 Platform: Browser/IOS/Android + version: chrome Operating System: ?windows 10 Screen resolution: ? Account name: ? Grave Digger Reproducibility: random Current situation: - What is happening? describe it. When building queue should end it does not it just says almost done and...
  5. Rewarded: incomings do not show

    sorry on Grave Digger account
  6. Rewarded: incomings do not show

    World: zz3 Platform: Browser/IOS: Operating System: windows 8 Screen resolution: ? Account name: ? Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always) Current situation: - What is happening...
  7. Beta1

    i think free prem comes at end of first month of server
  8. Rewarded: Quest Rewards cant be claimed

    Looks to be working now
  9. Rewarded: Quest Rewards cant be claimed

    World: zz3 zz2 & ...possibly new zz1 restart Platform: windows Operating System: Windows 8 Screen resolution: ? Account name: Grave Digger Reproducibility: 5/5 = happens always Current situation: When trying to claim quest rewards nothing happens and get a error message come up but not able...
  10. Rewarded: Bug displaying Loot Assistant reports

    Got the same on chrome
  11. beta 1 after 8 days

    @ scrram88 I invite any admin at any time to check my account as do the rest of HS* and Wolfs but then i suspect that has already been the case and the reason no bans for this is because what transpired on beta 1 is down to inno games holding the event on day 2 .... if you cant work out what...
  12. beta 1 after 8 days

    " I am fine with doing this for Beta, but on live worlds this is unlikely to happen. Thoughts? " I am not its a fookin stupid thing to do if only 1 way attack they could attack/send nobles and no recourse at all how daft and ruin game altogether ...remove 20/1 all together both ways and...
  13. beta 1 after 8 days

    Even better inno games/admins STOP allowing events so early in a server ...2 days in is damn ridiculous & just cries out for it to be exploited .... they need to play the game for themselves to see what happens ..or is cash king and all that matters because if you think many of those extra...
  14. Not a bug: bugged villages

    Its perfectly legal and only people to blame are inno games that set a event on day two of the server ...thus allowing pp to be spent to complete the hoards event and get bonuses on a cheap basis to allow such builds to happen.... no cheating happened but questions of inno games should be asked...