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    Not a bug: Rankings - wrong highlight

    Both you and your tribemates should be highlighted.
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    MDS - New navigation buttons vs. old buttons

    It uses different code.
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    Wrong units assuming in Farm Assistant

    I think this can happen after a barbarian village upgrades its hiding place. There is a short timeframe where the resources in the village could be below the hiding place capacity, if it was recently looted. But this is a rare occurrence (at most, the hiding place gets upgraded 9 times over the...
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    Market - untypical values for max ratio?

    That's ok with me :icon_smile:
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    Market - untypical values for max ratio?

    I realize now that min should logically always be set to the inverse of max (creator's perspective vs buyer's perspective. eg you create an offer with ratio of 0.5, it shows up as a ratio of 2 for people searching). So I think it would make sense to have exactly "1" as the option in the middle...
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    Market - untypical values for max ratio?

    The "duration" dropdown has 9 items, so the "ratio" dropdown was also given 9 items. Thus 9 key points are needed. Min is not always 0.5 and max is not always 2, so those key points vary from world to world. The range from min to max ratio is split into 9 equally varying points. 0.5...
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    Explanation for new features 8.20

    The progress bar in the HQ indicates the progress of the current construction assignment. Example: a building takes 10 minutes to upgrade. When there is 5 minutes left we could say that it is "halfway" built. The progress bar will be halfway filled with green. More information about...
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    Implemented: Troop Template - Support Button for info_village screen

    Why is there no support button? :icon_confused: They could even be color coded like at the rally point.
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    Rejected: Commands Overview - include haul information for returning commands

    game.php?screen=overview_villages&mode=commands Suggestion: Include haul columns in addition to the other existing information. Here's an example, of what the resulting page could look like: maybe only include this information, when the "Return" filter is on.
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    Implemented: name commands on confirmation page.

    currently, to rename a command, you must first confirm it, and then go hunt through all your other commands to rename it. This isn't quite as bad since the introduction of renaming on commands overview, but I still think there is room for an improvement. My suggestion is to add the option to...