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  1. Nächste Beta runde - Next Beta round

    Wer einen Acc Partner oder Stamm für die nächste Runde, die am 19th October startet, sucht und der Deutschen Sprache mächtig ist, kann sich gerne ingame bei -C.Ron4ldo* melden ;-) Translation by Typhi: Anyone looking for an account or tribe for the next round, which will start on the 19th of...
  2. Implemented: awards reset

    it may had be a good idea, the awards like plunderer of the day or the rank-award also reset, now all can get these awards just after the server start, but normally you can have this award first after about 2 weeks :o
  3. I am back!

    welcome back :-* i would make such a propa like you made for me when i left tribe :D but i dont have time and i dont want, but pls feel you as i made some :p
  4. no attack on easter

    why not? :confused:
  5. no attack on easter

    word fail
  6. no attack on easter

    kuschelhour :D i cant hold me on the sofa :D but thats what i mean, only in english subscribe^^
  7. no attack on easter

    but on easter jesus christus had been murdered :( so lets partyyyyy xDDD
  8. no attack on easter

    arent there any attack protect over easter? in germany we made it every year on xmas, that no one on each world can attack anyone over the the xmas days, so you can make party than without fear to loose your troops xD
  9. Holy Sandwich!!!

    lol we showed you with which troops we attacked, just one sandwich, so pls think about it before write such a bulls*** :D btw, if we want to know your opinion, we will ask you ;) end if the thread will close or not, isn´t your decision
  10. Holy Sandwich!!!

    no its better here than be closed :)
  11. Holy Sandwich!!!

    knee all for the holy sandwich!!! H4il it
  12. Burstimpact. birthday

    who cares? :D happy bday
  13. What are you listening,now?

    Warrior - Faustregel
  14. Holy Sandwich!!!

    but no one will look there :(
  15. Holy Sandwich!!!

    but it is w1 only :(